Halloumi Pie with Tomato & Olive

Halloumi Pie with Tomato & Olive


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Key points about “Ex-works” (EXW) include:

  1. Seller’s Responsibilities: The seller’s primary responsibility is to provide the goods at their location and make them available for the buyer to pick up. They must package the goods adequately for transportation, and the buyer usually bears the cost of loading the goods onto the transport vehicle.
  2. Buyer’s Responsibilities: The buyer takes on all the risks and costs involved in transporting the goods from the seller’s location to the final destination. This includes arranging for transportation, paying for shipping, handling customs procedures, and insuring the goods as necessary.
  3. Risk Transfer: Risk is transferred from the seller to the buyer at the point of “ex-works.” Once the goods are available for pickup, any damage, loss, or issues that occur during transit are the buyer’s responsibility.
  4. Additional Costs: Since the buyer assumes responsibility for transportation and all associated costs, it’s important to be clear about who is responsible for what expenses in the sales contract. This can include freight charges, insurance, import duties, and any other costs incurred in getting the goods to their final destination.
  5. Use and Applicability: Ex-works is often used when the buyer has a better understanding of the logistics of getting the goods and wants to have more control over the shipping process. It’s common in domestic sales and can be used in international transactions as well.